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Does My Computer Need Registry Cleaning Software?

The Microsoft Registry is simply the central database where settings and configurations, hardware and software information, as well as personalized system settings are stored. The more hardware, drivers, software, and personalized your PC is, the more complicated your registry is. By the same token, whenever you unknowingly install a malicious program, or your PC gets a virus attack, the details of the program and its configuration settings find their way into the Microsoft registry.

It therefore goes without saying that the registry is a very busy part of any computer system; hence it is bound to experience problems with continuous use of the PC. Just like the human body, the registry of your computer can do with some thorough cleanup every once in a while. Depending on how often you use your computer, you may find that the cleanup can even be on a weekly basis, for optimal performance of your computer.

What happens if the registry is not cleaned? Sluggish response to commands, slow when booting up, error messages, blue screens, and worse of all, the computer may eventually freeze and crash if no cleaning measures are taken. Cleaning… with water or what? You must be thinking?

Cleaning a computer registry does not mean cleaning it with water. You can do it manually, i.e. go into your registry and identify all the things you believe are causing the errors, and start deleting them one by one. Of course this is a very cumbersome process, and not only that, it can be a very costly one in the end.

Unless you are a computer Geek, you may end up deleting useful programs or system files, meaning that once you are done, your computer may not respond to commands again. Even computer geeks find it hard to identify problems in the Microsoft registry system. Manually cleaning the computer registry is also very time-consuming, to say the least.

The best way to clean a Microsoft registry system is to use a specially formulated registry fix software program. This is a program designed to identify, weed out, delete, or fix registry errors. By the end of a thorough cleanup process, the computer’s optimal performance will have been restored. Viruses, malicious programs, adware and spyware, missing keys, dead links, broken links, are few of the many registry problems that Microsoft registries fix tool handles.

Unlike cleaning the Microsoft registry manually, these software programs are automated, meaning your work will only be to download and install, and command it to create a back up copy (in the event or a costly error), and the cleaner will do all the other work.